Keishia Thorpe charges Educators to Embrace Modern Teaching Methods, Lead Global Change

18th April, 2023. 10:30AM

At a virtual Change Agent in Education Closing Ceremony organized by Emerald Edu Concept and Services on Saturday 15th, Keishia Thorpe, a renowned teacher and the Global Teachers Prize Winner 2021, urged Nigerian educators to work towards transforming the nation’s education sector. She advised them to bring innovative ideas that can change the world and engage in continuous improvement to optimally deliver to their students.

Thorpe emphasized that teachers, as professionals, should serve as agents of change to communicate the relevance of their role in the nation-building process. She noted that in this digital era, teachers should not behave like those born before the evolution of computers and who had no idea of modern methods of imparting knowledge to younger generations.

During the closing ceremony, Thorpe delivered a keynote address in which she shared her personal journey and the lessons she has learned throughout her career. She emphasized the importance of creating a positive and inclusive learning environment and the need to transform the educational sector for better economic and social development.

She said, “Education needs a Change Agent more than ever, hence, transformation of education begins with Change Agent.”

She urged educators to become change agents in their communities by utilizing their expertise and influence to advocate for policies that prioritize education and support teachers.

“As Change Agents, we are the driving force behind making impacts. We are the voice of the next generation and our children are relying on us to show up for them,” she added.

Earlier, Odusanya Olalekan, the Executive Director of Emerald Edu Concept and Services, stated that the Change Agent in Education program was established to convene educators and encourage them to devise innovative strategies to tackle the challenges facing education in the 21st century.

“Over the course of the program, participants engaged in a series of virtual workshops, seminars, and networking events to exchange ideas and best practices,” Olalekan said.

According to him, the three-month Incubation program was designed to train participants on Sustainable Development Growth and equip them with the skills to identify and solve social and economic challenges facing the education sector.

The Executive Director expressed his unwavering commitment to providing continued support and empowerment to educators worldwide in their pursuit to become change agents within their respective communities.

During her valedictory speech, Adeogun Jerumeh-Grace, the Valedictorian, expressed her appreciation for the organization and its significant impact. She commended the organization for equipping them with the necessary skills to become effective change agents.

“Throughout this program, I have gained a deeper awareness of the nuanced aspects of the Global Goals and how I can contribute to driving positive change in my local community. I have been inspired by the collective efforts of our team, the guidance of our educators and the shared passion of my fellow participants. Together, we have explored new perspectives, engaged in thought-provoking discussions and developed practical skills that will serve us well in our future endeavours,” Grace said.

She therefore recommended the program to educators, citing the three-month incubation program as a source of inspiration and an eye-opener.

“I highly recommend this program to educators who are passionate about making a meaningful impact on the 

world by empowering and inspiring the minds of the future generation. This program has been a catalyst for 

our personal and collective growth, and I am confident that it will continue to inspire many more educators and 

students in the years to come,” she added.